How to start a freelance business on Upwork: 5 comprehensive steps you can take right now

Upwork is my favorite freelance site. Unfortunately, it is already populated by millions of others! When trying to get your foot in the door, you need to know how to start a freelance business and find clients – fast.

A proven approach for creating a good freelance business on Upwork is structured here:

Step 1. Plan how to start a freelance business in your own situation

Since joining any freelance site without a business idea and the definition of your clientele is pointless, you’d need to get those figured out first. Read these first before you jump in:

Step 2. Sign up!

Once you know what kind of business you plan to do, sign up on Upwork without any hassle with these tips:

  • Upwork’s own guide for setting up a freelancer profile is the first task.
  • A must-read is also Upwork’s Terms of Service. Make sure you go through the rest of the Legal pages too. Particularly, pay attention to what is said about what communications methods are allowed in which parts of the hiring process!

Step 3: Create an attractive Upwork profile

Create an effective Upwork profile:

Step 4: Get your first projects going

Start finding suitable freelance projects by focusing on having a service that matches your clients’ needs 100%:

Step 5: Grow the value of your freelance business

Rinse and repeat by following this proven approach:

My domain-specific tips

For software professionals, these are additional reading based on my 20+ years of developing, researching, and inventing software (awarded in 5 different categories):

For those with academic backgrounds, I would recommend taking a look at the article How to Freelance With a Ph.D. Like a Boss that helps you to identify the parts of freelancing that are similar to the scientific process and to learn a couple of other freelancing tricks.

With this list and recommend order of reading my articles through, I wish you all the best with your freelance journey.


Happy freelancing!

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